Throughout Africa, we hear the same voices of people wanting empowerment to build better lives and to end hunger and food insecurity.

Bioenergy: America's Energy Future

Achieving the critical contributions needed from modern bioenergy call for political and individual will.  A short documentary film for President Obama’s energy team exploring a range of bioenergy pathways and how they can fit into a low-carbon future.

What is the Climate Voice? (Filming)

What is the Climate Voice? (Filming)

"We live in a political era defined by crisis, but also promise." Ford Foundation

The greatest struggle the planet faces is not inventing clean technologies or fundamentally changing the way we produce value or measure growth.  It is the belief that change is possible, that we can beat the worst ravages of climate change. Belief requires evidence, and we find it in the climate voices that propel us forward in this feature documentary — voices fighting back and standing up to say that a better world is not only possible, it’s being built right now.

Hyperlocalization Of Architecture

A deeper pattern is emerging where the most innovative buildings are a response to place. Two writers explore the intertwining of site, people and environment.

Edible Schoolyard

The real radical idea is right here in the Edible Schoolyard. If we could feed children in schools, then the children would be really nourished and they would grow up with a different set of values. The Edible Schoolyard is a beautiful environment where children discover themselves.

Alice Waters

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The High Line Rises

The iconic railway-turned-park ushers in a new era of landscape design, embracing adaptive reuse approaches to preservation and design 


An online video collaboration platform and app launching in 2017 for building projects that can change the world — one neighborhood at a time. These are videos that deliver much more than a temporary shift in the media narrative, but rather videos that matter and shift the culture.  There has never been a better time to create a brighter future.  We know what to do, we just need to act.  If we can harness the energy of youth, then we have a chance. We’re building a platform for the future.

Investing in Nature’s Capital

Investing in Nature’s Capital

A series of projects on how business and society thrive by investing in nature.  Investing in Nature’s Capital produced with The Smithsonian and Caterpillar; and Sustaining Profits and Forests, produced with the World Resources Institute (WRI) and The MacArthur Foundation.

Water is the Sip of Life

Climate change is a gender issue as well as an environmental and development issue.  Village women in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania are transforming the way they use water and energy.

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The Other Europe

A post-new wave anti-romance of serendipity and happenstance, the randomness of life, appointments met, appointments missed.