Green Focus Films grew into a global presence by producing compelling, social-issue media that leverages film’s ability to ignite social, environmental and economic change. As a leading documentary voice in calling attention to the global issues that have emerged as major challenges of the 21st century, we help our clients realize their stories and connect with their audiences, whether it’s consumers, citizens or the general public. We are proud to work with organizations and businesses that are catalysts for change in their communities and around the world, helping them build a culture of social impact. Our Film Studio has been deeply involved, as well, in documenting stories of conflict, both violent and non-violent, to produce an unflinching record of injustices and inequalities, triumphs and successes, experienced by people caught up in the events described in their powerful stories.  

Our media philosophy of transmedia storytelling is one in which global conversations are ongoing, no one controls the message, and is often a function of spontaneity and personal experience.  Through the lens of integrated community they can be amplified through all of these channels.  This is our challenge, and our opportunity, to broaden awareness and empower our audiences.

Palatine Group joins Green Focus Films! Green Focus Films has just joined forces with Palatine Group, a company that integrates a number of assets to our company: access to social impact investments, private sector-led solutions to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors to deliver greater impact, and a common vision of aligning social and commercial interests to create sustainable positive impact for a broad range of constituents.